I've Got So Much Love For You It's Unreal

by Team Sofa

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A song about romantic love. As in, a song that's actually about the subject of romantic love, not one that declares that I feel it. Of course I don't feel love. What do you think I am, human?


I was brought up in a fairy tale,
Went on adventures to enchanted lands,
Other people’s fantasies were
Everyday plans to me, though,
Even then I actually had quite a lot of time on my hands,
And then I saw you on a moonlit night,
Gazing at the horizon from your lonely tower,
I fell in love with you when,
I knew nothing, you were
Just an idea to me,
But that’s what gives a lover his power,
Someone to love,
Someone to be by my side,
All pretty and demure and compliant to my my various urges,
Oh, what fun and games I’ve planned,
There’s not enough hours in the day.

I’ve got so much love for you it’s unreal (repeat)

So I was exiled on a foreign world,
Picked up a distress call from a nearby moon,
The rebel insurgency had
Obviously heard of me, they
Needed help urgently,
I couldn’t come a moment too soon,
So I broke into the Empire base,
Rescued the princess from her suggestive bonds,
Naturally I assumed that I’d
Kiss her and she’d swoon, and I’d
Take here away somewhere, where nobody would know where we’d gone,
Somewhere to go,
Somewhere that feels like home,
Where I can cherish and protect and preserve her and keep her safe from the harm of the world,
How do I count my love?
There’s not enough stars in the sky.


It always happens in the strangest place,
Always at the most unexpected times,
It’s reprehensible for
Love to be sensible, it’s
Far more intense when all who love are clearly out of their minds,
But it’s not like that if you stick around,
Real lives don’t have quite such a pleasing arc,
If your love’s devout, and it’s
Got no room for doubt in it, there’s
No getting out of it,
You’re really still afraid of the dark,
Oh to be young,
Oh to see perfect love as a serious and tangible objective like you do before the hero gets the girl and the credits roll,
And there’s not another word to be said.



released December 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Team Sofa Harlow, UK

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